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Sofia Okkonen (web)

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Sofia Okkonen (web)

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Sofia Okkonen is a Helsinki-based visual artist, working with staged photography, fashion photography, and other creative practices and commissions.

In her work, she studies how ideas about our ideal selves, beauty, trauma, the erotic and fantasies present themselves in front of the camera. On one hand through directed posing and on the other hand through the uncontrolled and the subconscious. The artist often blurs the line between photography and painting with elements of staging and a process of scanning and printing. She is inspired by questions of materiality of photos and spacial installations.

We build a website, that presents the artist's work in an elegant, yet refined characteristic way. The platform gives space for work. The imagery is paired with a simplistic layout and scarce typography — creating a contrast between the aforementioned elements in a subtle way.

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